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23 June 2013

It is with great excitement and pride that I'm emailing you my application for membership.
I previously emailed you much of my service history, however below is a link to find all other proof of service and current photo.

After several months of research, correct protocol adherence, meetings and mutual understandings,  I am confident of raising a successful WA Sub Branch of the MBMMC.

Over the coming days and weeks, you will be receiving further applications for both Service and Sierra Squad membership.

Myself and Kev (SPOOK and future VP) had drinks with the VMC at their club house on Friday night (which was their monthly meeting). The MBMMC was on their agenda and were a little surprised (dare I say disappointed) we didn't rock up in our colours.

We caught up with PYRO for a coffee on Saturday. Nice bloke and still seems keen to wear the MBMMC colours. We will work closely with him and ensure he feels welcomed and integral to the WA SB being successful. He mentioned he will make contact with PIRATE and inform him of the progress.

Also my neighbour (MACCA) is a current bike riding RAAF SSM and has several bike riding mates keen to find out more. He will be returning his paperwork within the fortnight once he returns from holidays. I plan to meet with his mates and share the mission of the club.

Finally, in the new financial year, the SASR Association President is a Trike Rider and will be keen to find out more. Plus has no problem promoting what we do as it's in alignment with their objectives. We are confident of further membership being sourced from our old unit.

Looking forward to my application being processed and wearing our colours proudly in WA


22 Jul 13

Hi Shane,

It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife and members of your Brotherhood.

What a great bunch of people!!

I have now forwarded the membership forms to ANZAC House in Perth for the membership process to be completed.

Our next monthly meeting is on August 12th  at 6pm at the Sports Club and it would be great to see you there.

I was wondering if you would be laying a Wreath on August 18th at the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Service and Anthony Waring Dedication – details attached – on behalf of the MBMMC.

I look forward to hearing from you further.

Best regards

Frank Baldry
Quinns Rocks RSL Sub Branch

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Road reports -

13 July 13


It is with great pride and pleasure I submit this first ride report from WA.

In attendance we had SPOOK and Linda, MIDGET, MACCA, FISH and myself BIG RIG.
Apologies from PYRO who had a prior engagement, but is looking forward to the next ride.

Although we had a planned departure time of 0915hrs, MIDGET was running a little late due to some technical difficulties…..(he miss read the ride instruction email hahaha).
Anyway after some meet and greet conversation, the mandatory foundational ride photo's and some well deserve piss taking of MIDGET we hit the road.
Must admit, looking in my right hand mirror and seeing the row of MBMMC bikes departing my street, almost bought a proud tear my eye. Almost! BIGRIGs don't cry!

Our group left the suburb of Tapping and headed down Joondalup Drive on a straight run to the ocean, where we turned left onto West Coast Drive for our short cruise along the coast.
With BIG RIG at the front, followed by MIDGET, FISH, MACCA and SPOOK/Linda as tail end charlie we set course for the Soda Sun Deck Cafe for brunch.
About half through our journey, I thought SPOOK must have been on a recruitment drive, for tailing him was approximately another 6 single head lights.
It wasn't until closer inspection did I realise, it was the WA Scooter Club out for a ride and SPOOK, through some strategic and tactical riding, was ensuring they did infiltrate our ranks.

We arrived at our destination around 1030hours and enjoyed some hot coffee, a good feed and great conversation. 
The highlight of the meeting was when the waiter asked us if we wanted a second round of coffee's and suggested to MIDGET he could have small cup, if the larger mug was too big. Too funny.

Anyway it was a great first up ride with old and new brothers. Our next task in WA is to confirm our committee and start the process of raising our Sub Branch officially.

Stay upright and keep safe.



21 July 13


Awesome second ride and meet/greet today in WA.

It all started with a phone call from TK on Friday night, saying he had been speaking with MUCHO as they were keen to know about the MBMMC.
I invited TK and his fellow riders along to our meet and greet ride on Sunday. He accepted the invite and said one other would be joining him.

Our agreed departure point was "Drovers Car Park" on Wanneroo Road at 1600hrs. 
I called the President of the Quinns Rock RSL and prepared him for our intended visit at approx 5pm.
SPOOK and Linda, MIDGET, FISH, MACCA and myself and Lara arrived at out departure point and were pleasantly surprised to find TK and 3 other riders in Henry, Mike and James.

After some initial introductions and general chin wagging, we all hit it off like long lost brothers and knew from that moment, we were all home.
We "all" departed right on time and headed North along Wanneroo Rd. Well we thought we "all" headed off on time. 
Apparently MIDGET had some "failure to launch" challenges and it was left to SPOOK and Linda to provide the "Tail End Charlie" escort .

After a short journey along Wanneroo Road, we turned left onto Yanchep Road towards the coast.
We then turned left again onto Marmion Avenue and headed South towards our interim clubhouse at the Quinns Rock RSL.

In true military style and precision, we arrived to sign in at the RSL spot on 5pm.
After some initial looks of shock and apprehension from the local civilian's in the RSL, we settled down in a quiet corner for some well earned beverages and camaraderie.
Upon seeing both SPOOK"s and my cuts, a couple of interested patrons approached us for more information regarding membership.
Plus MIDGET had arranged two other ex servicemen he rides with to meet us for a drink and further info about our brethren.

I'm happy to report that all that attended (9 riders, 2 wife pillions, 4 interested riders and 2 spouses) enjoyed the safe and friendly vibe created by like minded and hearted brothers.

SUSS (Stay Upright Stay Safe)





An important PS to today's ride which I would like mentioned please.

As we were leaving McDonald's, a young lad ( approx 15yrs old ) who was working there, held the door open for all of us and proceeded to thank all of us for serving our country. Was a wonderful moment and one that made us all very proud to be wearing our colours.

On Sunday, July 28, 2013, Big Rig wrote:

After 6 days of rain and wind, the "Bike Gods" were kind enough to give the brethren in WA a reprieve and we woke up Sunday morning to clear sky's and no wind. The "Gods" played another critical role today as well. More of that later in this report.

Our RV this morning was McDonalds in Malaga, which was a central point to those attending today's ride. Numbers were a little lower today as we had apologies from MACCA & FISH (on exercise), MIDGET & PYRO (family commitments) and DIESEL & James who had work commitments. SARGE joined us for the brew and catch up, however had to skip the ride, due to work commitments too.

Relevant to todays report, prior to our 0900hrs RV, SPOOK and Linda, Lara and I (wives riding pillion), agreed to meet near Servo near our respective houses at 0830hrs. I arrived first and safely parked on the side of the road. Within minutes I could see (and hear) SPOOKS polished back Night Train coming our way. He and Linda passed us with a wave and a toot at a "steady pace". Lara and I responded appropriately (half a peace sign..... actually was a thumbs up) and we were on our way. Not long after passing us SPOOK saw something flash past his helmet. He didn't think much of it at the time, so continued towards our RV without hesitation.

We arrived at our cholesterol filled, fast food departure LOC and were greeted by TK and new brother HAMBO. After some general introductions and spit swapping, the conversation focussed on mine and in particularly SPOOKS cuts, as we have began embellishing them with our awards and ribbons. It was at this point that SPOOK realised something was missing. That flash earlier on, was the frame for his SASR Meritorious Unit Citation flying off.Gutted! Anyway we agreed to circle back the way we came after the ride in an attempt to find it.

After some general chin wagging about the MBMMC in WA, our occupations and meetings TK's wife and Daughter, we headed off for our short ride. Our journey today saw us head South and East along a couple of main highways and freeways, and then along some smaller single lane roads along the base of the Stirling Ranges. During our ride, we were able to drive close to HAMBO's, BUTCH's and TK's abodes, so we bid them farewell at the appropriate intersections.

The final leg of our ride saw SPOOK and myself back track to the approximate stretch of road where he saw the flash, in an attempt to find the frame to his Citation. We parked on the side of the road and SPOOK and I headed one direction, whilst Linda and Lara headed the opposite way. We had little hope, but it was worth the look. Linda recently lost her Mum (Rest In Peace) and so she prayed to her to help us find the missing piece of kit. Within minutes of that little prayer, Linda finds the frame and we all High Five and Hug on the side of road. Amazing. 

The "Bike Gods" smiled on us today.

SUSS - Stay Upright Stay Safe



The first Sunday of the month saw us have our Monthly Meeting and Stone Ride.
MACCA our SSM, with some input from WOLF, organised our ride to Lancelin.
We met at the Kiwi Club in Malaga, then headed to the Bindoon Bakery for morning tea.
From there we headed North to the Lancelin Tavern where we had lunch with the Local RSL President, 
who is keen to join our club. After a quick ride debrief, we headed back to the Quinns Rocks RSL
for our monthly meeting. About 22 bikes on the ride. We also raised $260 fro Legacy.

NOTE: BUTCH, SPOOK and myself are meeting with Legacy here in WA this week to discuss
how we can assist a WA family with our fund raising.


Approximately 4000 WA riders of all shapes, sizes and clubs ascended onto Lathlain oval for the Toy Run Ride, with proceeds and donations going to the Salvation Army. WOLF with his contacts got us towards the front of the pack which made for a more pleasurable ride. About an hour in the  saddle to our destination. Along the way kids & parents lined the Freeway and waved with enthusiasm. Meeting us a Joondalup Oval was a crowd of a few hundred people all excited to see us.

NOTE: LONG GRAIN had arranged for a young mum and her two kids (2 & 4) who recently lost her husband to a heart attack at age 31 to meet us at the starting point where the club presented her some Harley Davidson  goodies and kids presents. She and the kids were blown away and loved the experience.  LONG GRAIN, PHOENIX and WOLF gave the kids a ride on their bikes around the oval at Joondalup. 
I want to publicly acknowledge LONG GRAIN for such a great gesture. Well done brother.


Santa got an escort of a different kind when the 10 bikes and riders from the MBMMC stuck antlers
on their helmets and become Santa's "Rain Deer Military Escort" to the RSL. Greeted by about 100
screaming and excited kids, we rode our bikes right up to the front door of the RSL dropping Santa
off to hand out presents. Great hearts and minds exercise and community feel good.


Apart from our legacy meeting this week, our club official business is done for 2013. 
With that in mind, WOLF has arrange a great ride for the 14th December if you are free.
Please email WOLF for more details

Until next time we meet and ride, Stay Upright Stay Safe and have a great Christmas.


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