Message from Club President
as at September 2016

To all Military Brotherhood Members,
Greetings all,
       As you may have known. I was the CSM and became acting National President.  National HQ and Logan SB  has just had its AGM  and I have been voted in as National President.  Wrecka,  previously Logan Sub-branch SSM, is now the CSM and Jojo, Logan Sub-branch SS member is now honourary   Club Treasurer.

 I will be keeping  in contact with all Presidents of the Sub-branches and look forward to getting to know you as well as us all moving the club forward.   Any celebrations or concerns any of you have to share please do not hesitate to email me or phone me. Of course any  usual phone call please keep to a decent hour but if it’s an emergency please call me day or night regardless of the time. If it’s 2 in the morning and it’s an emergency then please phone me.

 Of course the usual club stuff  still needs to go through the NatSec so please continue to send emails in that regard to

   I will be sharing the work load with the NatSec so some responses to your emails to the NatSec  in that regard will come directly from me rather than through the NATHQ email.  This is because, such as now,  I will be sending a lot of  them from home rather than from the VAC. It’s the way the IPS works. I can receive copies of emails sent  to into my own email account but I can’t respond as and as some emails are from outside the club I’d prefer to not use my private email. Hence setting up on my outlook.  I live about 50 minutes from the VAC so it’s a bit of a trip to help answer club emails  every day. Better to set up this email account and continue to share the workload even when I’m not at the VAC.

 Helping our own. 

I also ask that all your welfare and pension officers keep a record of any help they give to veterans, other current and ex service personnel and their families . Such as advocacy, helping homeless vets, current and ex service personnel  and their families  who are struggling.   If they are not already doing so. Anything they know about the person should be recorded if possible  such as name, age, circumstances  etc.  I recommend getting a record book for the Sub-branch. Not only can your recorded history of assisting  veterans, their families and other ex service personnel  possibly help with future grants you might apply for. But  you will need to draw on this information for  future nominations for the CANTWELL MEDALLION.

 Also. Here is a link to the Military Brotherhood MMC National HQ Facebook page. It’s an open page and it’s there to plug the entire club. Anything you wish to be posted on it for your Sub-branch please send it to me and I will put in on the page. Also be sure to let your Sub-branch members know that it’s there.

Any questions you have please do not hesitate to email or phone me.

National President
Military Brotherhood MMC






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