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Club Constitution


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for running Sub Branches

Guidelines Kits

Guidelines Kit for Raising a New Sub Branch

Guidelines Kit for Qualifying a New Sub Branch by the Club Executive

Guidelines Kit for Nominees

Club Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOP 1 - Club Organisation
SOP 2 - Position Responsibilities
SOP 3 - Club Standard of Dress (CSOD)
SOP 4 - Sub Branch Building Fund
SOP 5 - Guidelines for Nominees
SOP 6 - Guidelines for Sierra Squad Members
SOP 7 - Sub Branch Monthly Situation Report (SITREP) Annex A in MS Word
SOP 8 - Club Grievance and Complaints Procedure
SOP 9 - Riding and Road Safety
SOP 10 -Wearing of Honours and Awards and Other Commercial Items
SOP 11 - Club Code of Conduct
SOP 12 - Club Awards
SOP 13 - Bill of Members Rights
SOP 14 - TIPS (DVA) Training
SOP 15 - Amending, Repealing or Adding to the Club Constitution
SOP 16 - Duties and Responsibilities of CSM_SSM_DC
SOP 17 - Duties and Responsibilities of VAC Manager
SOP 18 - Administrative Warnings
SOP 19 - Management of VAC SLIPPER
SOP 20 - Leave of Absence, Retirement, Resignation and Rejoining
SOP 21 - Social Media Policy
SOP 22 - State Presidents (TBA)
SOP 23 - Club Awards: Nomination for CANTWELL AWARD
SOP 24 - Handover Procedure










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